The passion for what we do becomes a warranty for an effective product in the battle of overcoming stress

XTRESIA® is supported by several clinical studies confirming the relaxing anti-stress effect, reducing anxiety and fatigue. It has no contraindications identified provided the maximum dose is not exceeded.

AntiStress technology

Research, techniques, and models of development have developed the perfect combination of ingredients and allow us to offer an excellent product to overcome nerves and stress.


XTRESIA® is an innovative 100% natural anti-stress spray, formulated by a group of Spanish researchers in medical science and botany, to combat stress, anxiety, and nerves.

Provides more tranquility

With XTRESIA get a completely natural treatment for relaxation, a method supported by the effectiveness and outcomes of traditional medicinal plants used for centuries.

We do not want miraculous elixirs but completely natural and effective products that can help you in overcoming stress

European regulations allow us to differentiate ourselves from unproven exotic products. XTRESIA has been designed with the sole purpose of controlling anxiety attacks, providing natural techniques to combat the symptoms of stress.

Quality Ingredients
Hours of research
Improved ease of use
Development Cost per unit

Once seated the effectiveness of both psychotropic drugs and herbal preparations, either through scientific studies, either by appealing to their traditional use should determine the indications for prescribing either

Dr. Casas, Scientific Director

The cases of anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses, especially if they are of a certain severity, will benefit from treatment with specific psychotropic drugs, despite the potential risks of side effects, drug interactions, etc..

Dr. Casas, Scientific Director

However, it may be noted some disparity between these drugs and discrete mismatches adaptation to stress that, while not considering diseases distressing suffering on a vast part of the population.

Dr. Casas, Scientific Director

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