The Spray technology has been one of our greatest achievements for anxiety relief

XTRESIA® is a natural product without contraindications whose effectiveness can replace conventional treatments. Their practical and innovative packaging ensures correct dosage anytime, anywhere. You will notice the effects of the new improved formula!

Spray Technology XTRESIA

Advanced Research

XTRESIA ® is the first non-addictive all natural oral spray suitable for anxiety relief. It is designed for a modern lifestyle, as it is packaged in a mini pocket spray to be able to manage the symptoms with a natural remedy.
Anytime, anywhere acts quickly to improve mood. It’s really very easy to use, just spray in your mouth and swallow.
It is safe enough for all those with occasional anxiety and everyday stress, and effective enough for those who suffer chronic anxiety or frequent nerves.

Quality Ingredients
Hours of research
Improved ease of use
Unit cost of development

When the external pressure of the environment exceeds the individual's ability to deal with it-or she appears to fit the discomfort. An upset of psychic origin, but also often with somatic symptoms.

Dr. Casas, Scientific Director

The current lifestyle, with the abandonment of natural habitat, accelerating socio job demands, the increasing scarcity of relationships, facilitates the creation of a stressful climate. And although living conditions, broadly speaking, were never so benign for so many people.

Dr. Casas, Scientific Director


Xtresia Anxiety Relief

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