Characteristics of Plant Extracts Used as Herbal Remedy for Anxiety

What is an extract?

An extract is a maceration type, wherein the liquid solvent is a mixture of ethyl alcohol and water, which dissolved the active substances contained in a medicinal plant. In other words, it is “the power of a Medicinal Plant” become “drug.

How is the process of transforming a plant in therapy for the body?

The process for obtaining an extract comprising the following steps:
1. Collection of plants.
The plants used in our extracts are directly harvested to ensure quality and consistency in the raw material for products. The nursery Conservation and close relationship with producers allows us to control the supply chain from the beginning. For this reason we ensure that plants are our Prima Materia are organically grown without agrochemicals and fertilizers.
2. Quality Control of Raw Materials.
Once in the laboratory, the plants pass through the first stage of quality control is to evaluate the organoleptic characteristics (color, texture, smell), their conservation status (identification of colonies of fungi or insects), and purity (contamination with other plants or plant parts that are not used in the preparation of extracts). After this quality control step, the plants are washed and dried for 24 hours at 50 ° C and stored. Treated in this way, and Estivadas on moisture conditions, temperature and cleaning plants are stable for a year.
3. Maceration.
It is the process by which it is possible to extract and dissolve in a liquid active substances from a plant. These substances are contained and well protected within the cells of plant tissues, either the root, leaves, bark, flowers or fruit. To release the active substances still available and can be absorbed by the body, it is necessary to process the plant material. For soaking, the part of the plant containing the active substances is cut to a specified degree of fineness, embedded in a liquid solvent (mixture of ethyl alcohol and water) and thus left in contact under conditions standardized times with periodic agitation. During the process, the solvent come into plant cells and drag with the dissolving active substances.
4. Filtration.
The mash is filtered to separate liquid from solid vegetable material. It is subjected to certain tests to verify that the mashing process went well and that the product meets the quality standards through an organoleptic analysis: Main characteristics as taste, odor, color and appearance of the mash. And a physicochemical analysis: measurement of pH (range 5-6) was performed using a potentiometer and measuring the alcohol content (75 ° – 80 °) using the Breathalyzer.

What are the benefits of the extracts?

It has been observed that with mixtures of ethyl alcohol and water extracts which retain their medicinal properties for a long time are obtained. This is because in the presence of high concentrations of ethyl alcohol, all degradative and microbiological processes are stopped, giving herbal remedy for anxiety very stable preparations .

The “alcoholic extracts” are also known as Mother tinctures. In homeopathic medicine are used as the original extracts from which homeopathic dilutions are prepared.
By the early sixteenth century, the famous physician Paracelsus experimented with trying different solvents to extract what he called the ” active ” or so called “force” of plants.

However, the use of Dried herbs in capsules and , as it has no unmediated extraction process, the active ingredients are still within plant cells. This means that our digestive tract is who should “soak” the plant to make it a profitable medicine for our body.

In the case of extracts, the plant has been transformed into phyto through careful and controlled process. Thus, in the abstract, all the healing potential of plants is dissolved and available for quickly tapped by our body.

Our manufacturing processes ensure the origin, content and final quality of the raw materials used. The plant extracts are identified and assessed on their active ingredients, ensuring maximum efficiency!

To overcome Anxiety symptoms

Testimonials XTRESIA as a  treatment, management and herbal remedy for anxiety

Side effects of the pills were causing me stomach pain nerves themselves. Natural herbal alternatives are the most effective response.

Pablo Alonso

The health care is not trivial and should learn from the traditional remedies used for centuries. Research and new technologies allow the tradition to take tests and trials.

David Álvarez

The mere fact that a product has been registered by the European authorities gives me all warranties. In addition, the spray format allows me to take a tila instantly and effortlessly.

Rafael Vivancos

We went on a trip to Babia

During our trip to the province of León arrived to the region of Bahia and found the Hops, a magical and healing herbal remedy for anxiety. Hops, valerian and lemon balm relaxed and relieved the symptoms associated with stress caused unpleasant stomach ailments.
Then consider that advanced chemical research could provide the right combination of perfect along with other native plants, such as lavender or lime dose.
Together, they are the most effective herbs and are an unbeatable compound to treat any nervous disorder such as anxiety and insomnia.

Improved Formula: Herbal Remedy for Anxiety

In June 2013, under the direction of the research team, we produced a small batch run, we tested our product conception to XTRESIA ® 1.0 (beta).
We knew we had the potential to help people, but we did not realize the magnitude until people started telling us that XTRESIA ® was the perfect herbal remedy for anxiety. Then we started the development of a perfect formulation christened XTRESIA ® 2.0
We continue to grow and help people who need to feel better, and live healthier more natural styles of living.

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Recent scientific studies demonstrate the effects of combinations of Valeriana officinalis, Humulus lupulus in relieving symptoms of mental stress, as recognized by the European Medicines Agency.

Dr. Casas, Scientific Director

But also, in some cases even ignoring its original foundation, traditional herbal remedy for anxiety is a very effective treatment

Dr. Casas, Scientific Director
Xtresia Stress Relief Kit herbal remedy for anxiety

Herbal Remedy for Anxiety