XTRESIA, stress spray technology and design in a bottle to absorb nutrients and manage stress in a fast, safe and effective

It is the only natural stress spray that replaces vital nutrients lost in our current diet
and makes a simple manner, through the oral absorption.

diseño en una botella

Genius Developers

A microliter aerosol stress spray can provide nutrients directly to the inner lining of the mouth, which is highly absorbent.

Thus, natural nutrients pass directly into the bloodstream without additional substances such as rubber pills, shellac, talc, waxes, dyes, etc. These additives are not present in waste because XTRESIA can cause discomfort and side effects.

Spray can be taken anywhere to overcome stress. Being pocket is easy to handle and does not interfere with daily tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

The spray form for oral administration is therefore very suitable for real subjects suffering stress in real life. Design in a bottle.

Dr. Casas, Scientific Director

It is not uncommon in clinical practice to observe the results of some treatments do not correspond to their theoretical efficiency; and the reason is very simple yet very human: the patient is not consistent in its application by the nuisance posed.

Dr. Casas, Scientific Director

This is what often happens with the application of ice or heat ... or the preparation of an infusion. It is logical to imagine the difficulties in getting a tisane just where and when we feel anxiety attack.

Dr. Casas, Scientific Director

Mood & Stress Spray

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