Xtresia: Mood Mini Spray

One in five adults suffer stress

What the medium term, also causes other more serious diseases.
To combat it, patients self-medicate in 70% of cases and taking drugs with side effects such as dependency, aggression, insomnia or digestive problems, among others

When should I take XTRESIA®?

Whenever you feel anxious, nervous, stressed, or you want to relax and unwind. It is a product of everyday use. It can be supplied temporarily, or continuously for long periods until you feel better.

XTRESIA can be used at any time, and promotes restful sleep at bedtime. It is composed exclusively of high quality raw materials, which ensures that the final product contains the right doses to reduce stress and improve mood levels.

Improve Mood XTRESIA
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A Mood Mini Spray That Relieves Your Problems

Are you stressed at work?
Do you have to pass a competitive sport?
Should you fly in an airplane?
Need to relax and unwind?
Should you make a presentation or public speaking?
Do you have to attend a meeting of partner?
Planning on going to a social event?
Need face a situation of intimacy?
Are the kids driving you crazy?
Should you run a test or exam?
Are you thinking about smoking again?

XTRESIA Natural Ingredients

XTRESIA ® has been one of our greatest achievements

Eficientis Soluciones S.L. was founded in 2004 and offers innovative solutions for the natural relief of stress and anxiety.
XTRESIA ® is the first oral mood mini spray against daily stress, very easy to use anytime, anywhere, just spray and swallow for improving mood.

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It has made a selection of plants with soothing active ingredients, natural extracts which have been combined with other trace employees against stress, such as vitamin B1 and magnesium.

Dr. Casas, Scientific Director

The efficacy of herbal drugs is based mainly in the choice of plants that are part of these products and we know the most interesting in each of the families of plants species.

Dr. Casas, Scientific Director

Moreover, we can choose precisely the part of the most active plant and this selection is made according to rigorous scientific basis

Dr. Casas, Scientific Director

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