XTRESIA is your natural ally to fight stress

Our products are certified by authorities since we develop them in top laboratories with best manufacturing and pharmaceutical industry standards.

Designed for people

Aimed at the problem of patients who self-medicate and take drugs with side effects such as digestive problems, insomnia, dependency or aggression. No contraindications, very consistent with todays’ demands.

Natural alternative for a healthy living

Herbal products are prescribed increasingly, and XTRESIA® is a natural breakthrough product that adapts to the new times leading the segment of anti-stress supplements.

Success Case

XTRESIA® is a natural product that replaces conventional treatments. The novel oral suspension formulation, provides anti-stress properties and the spray diffuser supply quicker absorption by the body.


¿What is XTRESIA?

It is an innovative 100% natural anti-stress spray, formulated by experts and researchers in medical science and botany, to reduce and combat stress, anxiety, and nerves. XTRESIA can be used at any time, and promotes restful sleep at bedtime.

What's inside XTRESIA?

The combination product of vitamins ensure proper functioning. Folates and saffron contribute to the product you supply a positive attitude and be psychologically stable. Together with tryptophan, which brings concentration, we get the product take you to a state of optimism and strength to face the pace of life.

What are the main benefits?

XTRESIA® is supported by several clinical studies confirming the relaxing-toning effect anti-stress, anxiety and reduces fatigue and fatigue.

Purity – Due to the rapid absorption of the spray and the purity of the formulation to reduce allergic reactions. Since it does not pass through the gastrointestinal tract, avoiding discomfort and indigestion resulting gases are removed taking pills.

Convenience – Who wants to take pills, get a drink to accompany them, and then try to swallow? The Spray XTRESIA fit any schedule and can be taken anywhere to overcome stress.

Efficiency – stored in a closed environment, and there is no deterioration due to the effects of air or light. The absorption through the lining of the mouth and pollution of the pills in the gastrointestinal tract. The result is a transformation of the administration of natural relaxation.

Safety – Mini Pocket Spray XTRESIA is easy to handle and not hinder daily tasks or mental activity. No extras added or natural ingredients that can cause side effects.

XTRESIA is the perfect remedy stress mechanism employing an oral absorption. The benefit is greater, because it makes it easy to get what your body needs, and when you need.

It is the best way to deliver the active ingredients, vitamins and minerals to meet the nutritional XTRESIA levels that demand Anxiety Disorder.

XTRESIA contains the perfect concentration of natural extracts and nutrients that is transferred directly from the oral mucosa to the body.

What are the ingredients?

XTRESIA® is a natural product made from plant extracts, such as green tea, and saffron Rhodiola that provide physical and mental wellbeing through assets that tone and aid relaxation.
In addition these extracts XTRESIA® also contains vitamins that work together and make an additional action reducing fatigue, the proper functioning of the nervous system, helping to regulate hormonal activity and reduce fatigue.
XTRESIA® formula is supplemented with L-tryptophan balancing relaxation vs. activation for greater power and efficiency.

Why Spray is better than pills?

The oral spray has the advantage that is rapidly absorbed with a pleasant taste in the mouth. Any irritation of the gastric mucosa, correct release of its ingredients and rapid absorption is reduced.
For years, we have taken pills to relieve stress, to supplement our nutritional needs, to cure a headache or flu, creating a ritual, leaving a chalky taste in the mouth, or even getting caught in the throat.
XTRESIA is a revolutionary way to deliver the compound based on natural extracts, vitamins, and minerals.
It is the most effective and convenient way to get the perfect daily dose of the active ingredients of herbs and nutritional supplements that will help you relax and manage stress method.
Many people do not take natural painkillers causing a negative effect on their health, because they can not or do not like swallowing pills. Now no longer have problems with XTRESIA.

When should I take XTRESIA?

Whenever you feel anxious, nervous, stressed, or want to relax and unwind. XTRESIA © can be used easily. Here are some ideas:
Are you stressed at work?
Do you have to pass a competitive sport?
Should you fly in an airplane?
Need to relax and unwind?
Should you make a presentation or public speaking?
Do you have to attend a meeting of partner?
Planning on going to a social event?
Need face a situation of intimacy?
Are the kids driving you crazy?
Should you run a test or exam?
Are you thinking about smoking again?

What guarantees provide XTRESIA?

The European Authority for Food Safety (EFSA) is responsible for the registration of herbal compounds and dietary supplements to ensure compliance with regulations and stringent requirements.
Thus consumers ensures compliance with one of the toughest laws in the world and it is not possible marketing without prior authorization.

What is GMP and why is it so important?

XTRESIA © is manufactured to the highest standards and certified by GMP.
The Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines to help ensure the integrity of a finished product and quality assurance.
The GMP laboratories must undergo periodic inspection by the health authorities. To maintain certification is required independent audits. The standards are not simple or easy to implement, allowing to identify the leaders of modern methodologies and technologies.

¿Is it Natural?

Yes. XTRESIA® is a novel and entirely natural character product with plant extracts and mostly based on natural sweetener.

Is Xtresia a medicine?

No. We understand the product as a food supplement, in any case as medicine.

Is there any side effect?

It not described any harmful side effects. In such cases, consult your pharmacist.

Can I take it together with other supplements?

Yes, but you should consult your pharmacist if in doubt.

How long the treatment takes?

It is a product of everyday use. It can provide temporary or continuously, for long periods to be treated until you feel better. Consult your expert.

Are right doses and concentration ensured?

It is a product of everyday use. It can Provide temporary or Continuously, for long periods to be Treated Until you feel better. Consult your expert.

May I use it to replace a daily diet?

No, in no case can replace a balanced diet food. However, it complements it.

Xtresia contains natural caffeine. May it cause tachycardia?

No, provided they are administered under the recommended indications. XTRESIA® provides small amounts of natural caffeine throughout the day, balancing mood without altering it in a timely manner.

Xtresia contains tryptophan. May it produce adverse reactions?

No, provided they are administered under the recommended indications. XTRESIA® provides 100 mg of L-Tryptophan along all day, balancing mood and improving sleep. L-tryptophan is used in pharmaceutical grade XTRESIA complying with the specifications of the European Pharmacopoeia in force.

The European Pharmacopoeia requires the absence of certain impurities in L-tryptophan, in particular, the absence of contaminants and other related substances.

Which is the recommended dosage?

XTRESIA® is a 15 ml spray bottle for oral administration.

3 sprays in each shot, and up to 4 times per day is recommended. In total a maximum of 12 sprays per day (1,8mL). The spray daily dose is 0.15 mL

Product Properties

In an increasingly stressful society and a fast pace of life, the studies support the natural products as a great alternative. There are many medications on the market that offer treatment but most are only a solution once you suffer the symptoms. Now, new products with the intention to prevent, are appearing on the market.

XTRESIA® appears in this field, if you want to get a natural solution and help prevent problems of stress and anxiety in this society that increasingly suffers more because of the working hours, pensions, etc.
Natural Products in general and Phytomedicine in particular currently have a high demand in the health sector and they are common treatments for stress, anxiety and fatigue. These treatments provide a major contribution to health.

There are many historically known natural plant extracts whose active ingredients that can be added to certain food supplements. In XTRESIA® we try each component act synergistically to maximize their effect.

The pace of modern life has made the Olympic motto Citius, Altius, Fortius (farther, higher, stronger), deployed at all levels and sections of modern life, as a requirement of all consumers.

Eating habits, family models, sporting and cultural practices, different schedules and religions, combined with new types of entertainment have conditioned and influenced the type of food we eat.

We must ensure a healthy, balanced and varied diet, which fill the needs of the current population, and also contribute to the welfare of the most demanding consumers.

The solution will find in the consumption of food supplements to help improve the physical and mental condition, and help reduce the risk of certain diseases, that also complement the development of children with a balanced diet.

  • List of excipients:

Citric acid, maltodextrins and flavorings.

  • Incompatibilities:

There have not been described

  • Shelf life and expiration:

24 months.

  • Special precautions for storage:

Store at a temperature below 25 ° C and away from sunlight.

  • Nature of the container:

Opaque container with a inviolable spray diffuser.

  • Special precautions for disposal and other handling:

Nothing special.

  • Contraindications:

Not identified as long as the maximum dose is not exceeded

  • Warnings:

Not identified as long as the maximum dose is not exceeded.

  • Interactions:

Consult your doctor if you are taking medication.

  • Pregnancy and lactation:

Not recommended for pregnant women.

  • Effects on ability to drive and use machines:

No special precautions necessary.

  • Adverse reactions:

Possible side effects are not known.

  • Overdose:

No symptomatic reactions known.

Vitamins and minerals are nutrients that are essential for life. They are required in relatively small quantities, in contrast to macronutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

The body depends on a steady supply of vitamins and minerals to function at optimal levels, and the spray does just that. XTRESIA is pulverized to provide the amount of vitamins and minerals that your body needs to combat stress.

The product has been carefully researched to provide the right dose and mixture of nutrients easy to use, and provides the advantage of rapid absorption.

Age is an important factor because, as we get older, and adequate absorption becomes harder. Although there are already problems in young people, from 35 years on those are more likely.

As we get older, digestive problems tend to increase and at the same time, proper absorption becomes even more important. Therefore, XTRESIA provides vitamins and minerals via spray, and age is not an impediment anymore in the commitment to optimal nutrition.

XTRESIA® spray measures and offers the right amounts of ingested product, ensuring the dose of the active ingredients included in the formulation. Liquid is the more acceptable form to the consumer, since it is ready to take and can provide a pleasant organoleptic sensation.

This product contains vitamins which are quite sensitive to light, oxidizable, and temperature, thereby XTRESIA® must be kept away from sunlight and the containing bottle is opaque.

The oral absorption has been used in medicine for decades. With modern technology, one microliter spray can provide nutrients directly to the inner lining of the mouth, which is highly absorbent.

Natural nutrients pass directly into the bloodstream without additional substances such as pills rubber, shellac, talc, waxes, dyes, etc. These extras are not present in an oral spray and no waste that can cause any discomfort is added to our diet.

These days food is produced in soil with chemical fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides. This causes to lose nutritional value and have to supplement the diet with vitamins and minerals.

XTRESIA is the only natural anti-stress that replaces vital nutrients lost in our current diet, and does so simply through the oral absorption. It releases nutrients to manage stress quickly, effectively and safely.

Today you can relax a few days if you take vacation. Thanks to Xtresia, you can now destress yourself during working time.

Dr. Casas, Scientific Director

Of all the plant with soothing properties that exist, there have been selected the best varieties getting a formulation that keeps you awake.

Dr. Casas, Scientific Director

In the Middle Ages only kings and nobles withdrew to peaceful regions, and could afford a heaven of calm and tranquility.

Dr. Casas, Scientific Director


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