The perfect dose to overcome work stress

Tests confirm studies
The treatment acts quickly and helps you overcome nerves.


Who wants to take pills, get a drink to accompany them, and then try to swallow? The Spray XTRESIA fits anytime and can be taken anywhere.

The Best Idea

Contains the perfect concentration of natural extracts and nutrients to supply the active ingredients, vitamins and minerals demand Anxiety Disorder.


Direct absorption of the formulation acts quickly and reduces allergic reactions. Avoid uncomfortable indigestion and prevents the resulting gases to take pills.

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It is the first spray 100% Natural herbal Antiestres to use at any time, and is an excellent choice for those looking to relax and unwind.


Administration through the gastrointestinal mouth prevents contamination of the pills. It is stored in a hermetic environment without deteriorating the effects of air or light.


It is easy to handle and not hinder daily tasks. In the mini spray no added natural ingredients that can cause side effects.

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The Spray is better than pills, pills or tablets

For years, we have taken pills to relieve stress, to supplement to cure a headache or flu …
Now you no longer have to do, no matter their size or shape, whether gel caps or coated tablets.

The resulting compound was bottled in small containers fitted with a spray pocket, allowing instant application just at the time that it takes

Dr. Casas, Scientific Director

In addition, rapid sublingual absorption favors an almost immediate effect, while allowing dose reduction.

Dr. Casas, Scientific Director